Contrary to what Assad media claim, Aleppo hospital attacked by the regime, 3 mai 2016:

Contrary to what Assad media claim, Aleppo hospital attacked by the regime:

At least 17 people were killed in an attack on a hospital in the city of Aleppo, according to Assad media.
Assad’s Ikhbariya news channel said opposition fighters shelled al-Dabeet hospital in al-Muhafaza neighborhood, casualties were reported.
Najem al-Ali, a Syrian activist, said, “The damage caused by the attack was incalculable, and it could not be caused by opposition’s primitive local-made missiles. Opposition have small missiles of a maximum range of one kilometer.”
Activists say that these kinds of attacks are deliberately engineered and exploited by Assad regime for political reasons.
“Assad regime aims at these attacks at diverting the world’s attention from crimes and massacres its terrorists commit, especially that committed in al-Quds hospital where the last pediatrician in the city was killed along with 50 civilians in Aleppo’s al-Sekeri neighbourhood.
How a rocket could hit the hospital’s front in the west where there are no opposition-held areas.
“The hospital is within Assad artillery range in Aleppo and Assad regime committed this heinous crime, » Mohammed from Aleppo said and added, “If the opposition – indeed – shelled the hospital, the attack would hit the opposite building and not the building itself. »
Several hospitals and clinics have previously been hit by Assad deadly air strikes on opposition-held areas in Aleppo.
Ce ne sera pas la première fois que le régime commet des exactions pour ensuite les imputer aux forces de l’opposition. C’est pourquoi lorsque des groupes se réclamant de l’opposition armée commettent des attaques délibérées contre des civils innocents il est indispensable de les dénoncer haut et fort.

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